Manila Madness - Day Four - Part 2 - Boracay at last!

Day 4 - Part 2 - Boracay, Philippines

Station 2 - D*Mall - 17:00

After getting dropped off at D*Mall in station 2, we begin our seach for the hotel, GemTalk Suites.  After several minutes of walking we find a jewelry store called "GemTalk" which is pretty close.  I take a quick look at it, and assume that GemTalk suites must be very close.  After more wandering around, I just decide to ask someone for directions.  Two guys came up to us trying to sell activity packages to us, but I change the subject by just asking for directions since I just really want to rest after all the transit.  This is our conversation:

(I will spell word out phonetically)

Me: Do you know where "Jem" Talk (GemTalk) Suites is?
Them: Jam talk?
Me: "Jem" Talk Suites?
Them: Jerm Talk?
Me: *I then show them my reservation with the hotel name and address*
Them: Oh. "Ge-hm" Talk Suites.  It's right over there (Points to Jewelry store)

So, turns out the hotel is attached to a Jewelry store.  I have to go into the Jewelry store to check-in.  After I check-in, the guys that wanted to sell us beach activities follow us to our room (Not by our request).  They try to push sales on us, I tell them we'll go see them later when we're ready, but the guy takes a seat in the small room with us to explain the pricing for the activities.  I let him finish explaining his sales pitch so he can leave, which he eventually does.  And I agree to find him after getting settled in.

I don't like pushy sales people so at this point I wasn't really on planning to buy anything from him.

After settling in, we set out to grab dinner.  After walking around D*Mall, we decide to get BBQ.

This was way too much food, but it was soooo good.  I took the remainder of the food back to the hotel and placed it in the fridge.  We decide just to chill out at the hotel and watch TV before exploring the beach.

After about 30 minutes, there's a knock at the door.  It's the two guys again trying to sell us activities.  We agree to go Para Sailing, Ziplining, and Zorbing the next day.  The guys ask for a down payment on the activities and I'm immediately skeptical.  I told them I'd rather pay for the activities before I do them tomorrow.  I was concerned that after giving them money, they would just disappear.  One of the guys resolve this by giving me his ID with contact information.  As far as the downpayment goes, we probably gave him about $100USD.  The total for the 3 activities was about $180USD. That's $90USD per person.

We decide to trust them and they leave.

Time to check out the beach!  It's amazing!  The weather is pleasantly warm and the sand is so fine that you don't really sink in it was you walk along the beach.

 TV on a tree!

Ship made of meat! 

Videos of the fire show: