Manila Madness - Day Six - From Boracay to Manila

Day 6 - From Boracay to Manila

Tricycle taxi from Station 2 to Jetty Port 

Video of the ride:

We ended up on the smaller ferry on the way back.  It was a very rough ride.

TIP: When leaving the ferry, be sure to pick up your own bag, otherwise someone else will pick it up and carry it for you, for a price of course.  This happened to us cause someone got to our bags first, but they only charge PHP40 per bag.

Kalibo Airport Entrance. Of course there's a long line of people. 
View in front of me

View behind me. A somewhat miserable mood for everyone, especially after just leaving an island paradise to get in line at the airport. 

That sign is probably up cause someone made a joke that wasn't funny. 

The long line to get in was a security point where your luggage was checked.  Once inside, there were more lines of course.

TIP: After checking in for your flight, be sure to carry cash on you for the Kalibo airport departure tax! 

Kalibo airport is very small.  As you can see, there is no gate number.  Just go outside and get on a plane.
Our flight was delayed two hours.  Luckily we had chairs to sit on this time in the crowded terminal. 

Kalibo tarmac

Everyone really wants to get off this plane

Back in Manila


Bayleaf Hotel - Intramuros (Manila), Philippines

It took some time getting from the airport to our hotel in Intramuros.  I told the taxi driver to take us to Intramuros, to the "Bayleaf Hotel."  He did not know where it was but started driving towards Intramuros.  I had a map with me, but the driver didn't understand it.  It was from Google Maps.  I even had the list of turns printed out.  He stopped for directions and we eventually made it there.  When we arrived at the hotel, he saw the hotel sign and said, "Oh, BayLEAP hotel..."  The F's and P's are switched in the Philippines when using English.  I feel like someone made a mistake 100 years ago, but no one bothered correcting that person which is why we face these mistakes today.

The hotel is awesome!  While waiting for a cab, they had someone come out to play the piano for us!

We took a cab to Mall of Asia

Long line for a pastry store.  It must be really good, but I didn't want to waste an hour in line.

One section of the store, just flip flops

Yeah!  Make the kids pay the same price since they enjoy the movie just as much as adults!

We catch a cab at the Mall of Asia to take us back to Intramuros.  Once again, the taxi driver didn't know where to go but luckily I memorized the directions. 

TIP: Always look at a map to understand how to navigate to places.  If you don't know where to go, look for landmarks.

After 10 minutes of driving, the driver makes an illegal turn and we are pulled over by a police officer.  We were stuck in the vehicle as the cop proceeded to extort a bribe from the driver which went on for 15 minutes.  The driver gave the cop 50 pesos and we continued on our way. The taxi meter was running during the duration of the bribe negotiations. Once we got to Intramuros, I was able to guide the taxi to the hotel. The ride came out to PHP160 and I gave the driver PHP200 and left him the change as tip. I'm just glad we got back to the hotel safe with no other problems.