Manila Madness - Day Five - Things to do in Boracay

Day 5 - Boracay, Philippines

 Hobbit House - A bar where the servers are hobbits (little people, still human - no magic)

 Frosted Flakes are just called "Frosties."
Weird, but at least they're still GR-R-REAT!

Bacon and cheese pancakes!?
TIP: Always confirm that the ice you get is filtered when traveling.  This ice was filtered, but it was so hot the ice melted immediately.

Peanut butter and chocolate pancake on the left
Cheese pancake on the right

These patches emit an odor that wards off insects.

These definitely worked. No bug bites as long as I had these on!

 Booked my 3 activities through the guys at Diamond Watersports

White beach sand

Clear water

Chinese New Year celebration 


TIP: Don't eat a bunch of pancakes then ride in a boat/para-sailing if you're prone to motion sickness

Zip line! 


Just enjoy the cool breeze and the warm sand!