ONE PIECE Premier Summer 2012 - Part 1

Osaka, Japan - Summer 2012
One Piece Premier Summer
In the summer of 2012, Universal Studios Japan had a special summer event to tribute the popular Manga/Anime, ONE PIECE.  Universal Studios was transformed to be themed toward One Piece for the summer.  In honor of the event (and cause it's more fun), many of the guests dressed up as characters from One Piece.  

 Flash mobbed!

 I live in Los Angeles and have only eaten at Mel's diner a life total of 3 times.  It's "OK"

 This might look normal to people from the US, but everyone else uses "KPH"

 Who's trying to evacuate during the ride?

 Almost gave in and bought a Spiderman dog costume.  Almost.

 Go here for happiness.

 Get #5, the Sanji!

 Boa Hancock

 Marine creeping up

 I did not get to go in to Sanji's Pirate Restaurant.  You need reservations weeks in advance!

 Aokiji and associate

 Brook's show.  He plays the piano and sings his trademark Bink's Sake song.  The crowd happily sung along.

 Cotton Candy Chopper's...err..Cotton Candy.

 These dragons were animatronic.  They moved and exhaled smoke.

 Eat a hot dog while looking like you're smoking a cigar!


 In line for the "Jaws" ride.

Just so you know, this is Japan.  Everyone is speaking Japanese.  During the Jaws ride, an announcement was made while I was taking pictures.  I continued taking pictures and the announcement was made again and people started looking back at me.  I was then informed by my friend (in English) that no photography is allowed during the ride.

 People getting ready for the parade.  The parade included guests getting sprayed by water so I did not take my camera out to prevent any possible damage.

 Hello Kitty steam buns, just adorable enough to eat.  I think that's what they were going for.

 Edward Newgate's (White Beard) coat.  No damage on his back!

 Cooling down.  The humidity is fierce.


 This kid got caught staring at her butt.  Come on kid, be discrete and take pictures from a distance.  That's way less creepy if no one knows.

 I thought this was to scare children who were acting up.  "If you don't behave, I'm switching you for a more behaved child."  Turns out I was wrong.  This is for when there are two parent who want to enjoy a ride if their kid can't go.  One parent watches the child while the other goes on the ride.  Then they switch.  That's a pretty nice park feature.

PART 2 - The One Piece Live Action Show!