Europe 2013 - Part 2 What to do in Copenhagen

I decided not to go to this.

I didn't really plan my trip with a full agenda of scheduled events and sights I wanted to see.  I just wanted to go and plan things when I got there.  I just need a map and a compass.

We stopped by Christanshaven (AKA Christiania), which turned out to be the "Green Light" (Marijuana) district of Copenhagen, also there was art.  The selling of Marijuana is still illegal in Denmark (Signs notified us of this before we entered), but people were cool with it in Christanshaven.  It seemed the city was saying "It's illegal...but we're cool with it in this area.  Just don't take any pictures!"  I tried taking pictures.  People politely told me that wasn't okay (while speaking in Danish - they switched to English when I didn't understand).

Authentic European winter trash can fire

March 2013 - Finding a Blockbuster Video is like finding a unicorn

Copenhagen Red Light District?  Nope.  Just a place for Chinese food.

This was weird advertising.  I'm not sure why she is smelling a pill.