How To Coachella - The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival - Weekend 2 - 2013


Buying tickets to Coachella
Your probably going to find difficulty purchasing a ticket directly from the website when they first become available.  If you're a gambler, your best bet is to wait until a week before the concert then start looking on Craigslist or StubHub.  Prices drop dramatically as people start trying to recover their costs.  Be wary of fake tickets though.  Be sure you can register your wristband as you purchase it.

How to get cheap hotels
1 - Book one year early: The rates won't be inflated yet.  If you don't know when, just book several weekends in April.  Just make sure you have free cancellation and you'll be covered.

2 - Book at the last minute: and name your own price the day before you need a hotel.  There should be a surplus of rooms since most people do not want to pay the outrageous amount per night most are charging.  By this point, hotels will take what they can get so bid low.

3 - Use credit card points!  If you're an avid travel hacker, you can stock up on the points you need for your stay.  There are plenty of options between Hilton, SPG, Hyatt, Marriott and Choice Hotels. I found I got the best value from my Choice Hotels stay during weekend 2.

How to sneak in alcohol
Wrap a flask in a towel, then put it at the bottom of your backpack. I had no problems with this all three days.  By the way, tailgating is allowed, but the walk from the festival to your car can be brutal.

How to find your car
Take pictures!  There aren't really any marking points for some of the lots.  I took pictures and counted the trash cans from the entrance to the row where my car was. Take pictures of the row  and gates so you remember where exactly to go on your way back.

FYI: You can't sleep in your car (in the non-car camping area).  I tried to take a quick nap and was immediately hounded by security.  If you need to sleep in your car, try to make sure they don't see you.

Lastly, have fun!