Mexico City - Luchador Wrestling is the best thing ever!

Little Luchador!

We initially got mid-range seats, row 30+ for about $15USD

As you can see, there are a lot of empty rows in front of us

Flipping crazy!

Dude is going to back flip on to another dude.

After several drinks, we snuck up to row 3!  With no problems!
BTW, that IS a little person about to be tossed.

Soooo...I learned to not dispose of your empty containers politely if you see a tray in front of you.  When I finished my beer, I thought that this tray was just trash for the empties.  So I kindly dispose of my cup in to this stack.  Little did I know that this was a drink station.  A vendor came up, filled MY USED CUP with beer and served it to someone.  To whoever received it, I'm sorry...and you should get tested.

Yes, that is cup o' noodles that is being served.  Great service.  They also had Domino's pizza, nachos, popcorn and other goods that vendors walked by with.

Ladies dancing!

"Donde Esta La Biblioteca" - Translation "Mighty Warrior"