ROC Race! San Diego - May 2013

The Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge

This wasn't really a race even though it was timed.  The biggest problem was the line for each obstacle.  It still was a lot of fun and I'd definitely do it again.

Well, he does have a shirt that states he's a doctor.  I'm sure the shirt came with the degree.


I did pretty good, even though this was really not a race.

So, this is supposed to be a race.  But the times you wait in line are not accounted for.  So, there are multiple obstacles throughout the 5k, but each obstacle has a long line (as seen above).  

One obstacle can take up to an hour.  This is what they don't show/tell you.  The line gets backed up from the previous heats/waves.  Your best bet for fun is to get there early and be one of the first people on the course.  One of the drawbacks is that you won't really know the best way to approach some of the obstacles. But finding out how is the fun part!