Burning Expiring Hyatt Certificates at the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos - Part 1 Getting There

I had Hyatt certificates expiring in less than 2 weeks so I had to go to the nicest (and most convenient) Hyatt I could get to.  A quick internet search led me to the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos (an all-inclusive resort).  I was sold on beach and all-inclusive.

As a Los Angeles based travel point pro, I happened to have an ample amount of British Airways Avios (miles) to get me to Cabo.  7.5k in economy and 15k in business each way.  Due to the availability, I booked economy to get there and business back.  For any flight under 4 hours, I’m willing to save on the miles and fly in the economy, but anything longer than that I prefer to upgrade (if I happen to have the miles).  The flight from LA to Cabo is only 2.5 hours

I ended up staying 3 nights to maximize my stay.  My total cost for this trip was:

2 Hyatt Night Certificates (CC Sign Up)
22,500 British Airways Avios (CC Sign Up)
$14 Shuttle Ride from Cabo Airport
$25 Taxi Ride to Cabo Airport
$20 for gratuities around the resort
$40 in food and drinks other than the resort.


Seat 10A Economy

2.5 hour flight went smoothly.  It wasn't that bad, but there was no in flight entertainment.  I listened to an audiobook that I enjoyed "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK".

Whenever arriving in a different country, walk as fast as you can to immigration!  Luckily I did this and only had to wait 20 minutes in the immigration line.  It looked like several planes arrived at similar times as the plane I arrived on.  The immigration hall was packed by the time I got out, it looked like at least an hour wait.

After passing through immigration you’ll get to baggage claim where a currency exchange counter is available and no ATMs!  I didn’t have any MXN cash on me but took the chance and kept going.  After you pass customs, there are 2 ATMs to the left of the currency exchange counter.  Both happened to be out of order.  Ah well.  I had some cash I was about to exchange but decided to see if I can get a taxi with a credit card first.

I went to the the official taxi stand and requested a quote to the Hyatt Place.  The guy said 50 dollars, I asked if that was in MXN or USD.  It was in USD!  I asked if there was a shuttle or a bus I could take, then the option to take a shuttle for $14USD became available.  It was about 15 minutes to get to my hotel from the airport.  That seemed pricey but the other Americans in the car were talking and mentioned they paid $17 for the shuttle.  I felt slightly better.  Uber, of course, was not available.  That’s the first thing I checked as soon as we landed.  Project-Fi is great with international data.

Upon arriving at the Hyatt Place Los Cabos (roughly 2pm) a room was not yet ready for me even though I requested early check-in.  Not a big deal though since I dropped off my bag and went to find a place to eat.

There is a nearby shopping complex and I ate at a pretty good seafood restaurant.  I ended up spending 120MXN for a bottled water 2 oysters, a seafood empanada and a deep fried shrimp taco

After lunch the room still wasn't quite ready after the estimate they gave me.  I waited around for an hour and then was able to get into the room.  For 5k Hyatt Points, this was really nice.  Room 406:

I had dinner at a restaurant right next to the hotel LugareƱo Cocina.  It was waaaaaaay overpriced for what it was.  I ended up paying 740MXN for a martini, bottled water, salmon mole and lobster bisque.  It wasn’t that tasty.

Breakfast was pretty good the Hyatt Place Los Cabos.  They had chilaquilles.  No pictures because I ate it too fast.