Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos Trip Report

Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos

From my confirmation e-mail, there was an option to check-in online starting at 9am. I also have Hyatt Platinum status (given from having the credit card) so I was expecting this to go through. At 10:30am, I checked out of the Hyatt Place and walked over to the Hyatt Ziva.

Upon entering the property, I was stopped by a valet attendant asking to see my Hyatt Ziva bracelet.  It seemed like I was addressed as an intruder rather than a potential guest.  I was dressed very casually and walked in rather than being dropped off by a vehicle so it was understandable but a little rude.  Even though I said I was checking in, I was suspiciously directed to the check-in counter.
At the check-in counter, they made a copy of my passport, went through my information for a few minutes then they realized I was a Hyatt Platinum member and I was brought into the Elite Member check-in area.  With people checking out for the weekend, the lobby was chaotic with people so it was nice going to a quiet area.  I waited 10 minutes until the 1 guest ahead of me was done so I could check-in.

At 11am now and the rep told me the room wouldn’t be ready until 2pm.  He then gave me the Hyatt Ziva bracelet and had full access to the resort.  I brought my bag with me and hung around the resort until 2pm.

Upon returning, I waited at the Elite member desk for 20 minutes until they were able to see me.  There was only one guy working the desk and he was really slow.  Why the hell did they redirect me to this room if it was going to be more inconvenient?  When it was my turn, the guy made a phone call and said the room wasn’t ready yet.  He said he’d get a call back soon and then they can give me a good estimate.  This made me more irritated that I waited to be told to wait.

I returned at 3:15pm and waited another 20 minutes for the 1 person ahead to finish checking in.  I only waited because I saw he got his room key already and was asking questions that the guy had to look into.  After waiting that 20 minutes, I walked out in frustration and went to check in at the main front desk.  I told them I was checking in earlier and redirected but was frustrated with how long I had to wait.
The new person I talked to was very understanding and found that my room was ready to check into.  They directed me to my room and I was finally on my way.  I didn’t mind hanging out, I was just frustrated waiting with the expectation of being able to check in then being told to wait even longer.  I waited to wait. 

I was given Room 3728 – Ocean Front Room on the 7th floor (top floor) and one of the closest rooms to the ocean.  The views are amazing but during the night I realized how irritating it is to sleep this close to the ocean.  Those waves are loud.  I was really happy to have the room and I started with a nap.

As a platinum member with Hyatt (via credit card) it included an upgraded room and a welcome gift.  The gift here was the bottle of champagne.

The room was really nice.  Although sleeping that close to the ocean be prepared to here the loud crashing ocean waves all night.

After a nap and some pool side relaxing, I prepared to check out Bon Vivant (French Restaurant at the resort) for dinner. Anything from the wine list was an additional cost but draft beer was free.  I ordered the shrimp quiche, lobster bisque and the beef tenderloin.  This was much better than I was expecting for an all inclusive resort.  Although the beef plate was pretty dry, the service was attentive and immediate.  I was one of the only people though when I got there.  They opened at 6pm and I was there at 6:05pm.

Just next to the restaurant is the coffee shop that provides coffee, tea, ice cream, pastries and other desserts.

There are three pool areas in different parts of the property: adults, main pool and kids pool.  The adults pool was quiet and relaxing.  I spent most of my time there.  The main pool had music and several food stations around.  The kids pool was for families.  The biggest disappointment here was that the resort said they had 5 waterslides but did not specify they were for children only.  I would have still went for it if the waterslides weren't so small.

At night, there are shows available based on the schedule.  The night I was there they had the "Adventure" show which is an hour long musical montage from various popular TV shows and movies which catered to children.  This included: Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Naruto, DC/Marvel Super Heroes, Frozen and more.  The music catered to the kids, and the super tight costumes for the women catered to the adult males in the audience.  At one point, there were more people on stage than in the audience.

End report.